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Information for Surgery Patients

Dear Patient:

Your surgeon or primary care physician has referred you for a pre-operative evaluation. I have a special interest and experience for caring for patients who are undergoing surgery. Together, we will review your medical history, medications and family history. We can then decide which tests you will need to make certain that it will be safe for you to undergo surgery. I will work closely with your surgeon and primary care health provider to coordinate your care as you undergo surgery.

If you are having inpatient surgery, I will most likely care for you after the surgery to manage any medical problems that may occur. You will be advised of modifications that need to be made to your medications to allow you to have the best outcome for your surgery. You will also be advised of any medical risks involved with the surgery that you are about to have.

Many surgeries are necessary to assure your health or improve your quality-of-life, but all procedures have an inherent risk. These risks, based on your individual risk factors, will be discussed with you. After the surgery, you will be advised of when to follow-up any concerns you may have with your primary care provider.

Thank you for helping me to take care of you during this special time. In order to make the best use of our time together at our fist visit, please complete and print out the short questionnaire and follow its instructions.


Emi Hosoda, MD

(Please note the questionnaire is included on this website. This form will help you prepare for your appointment. The form is located in the Patient Forms section of the home page.)

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